Ski school NIX is a concept that was created with the idea of ​​raising the services in skiing and snowboarding to a completely new level.

We are a new ski school on Kopaonik with new ideas and a fresh approach to business made up of talented, young people with extensive knowledge and experience in the world of skiing.

Passion for skiing and snow is our main drive and we have made sure to choose instructors who share the same philosophy. Our mountain family consists of licensed instructors, most of whom have many medals in competitive disciplines, some are former coaches, and a large part are active members of the Mountain Rescue Service. "Nix" in Latin means snow and it is at the core of our mission: that in addition to sports expertise and a pedagogical approach, our instructors want to convey to you their love for snow, mountains and nature and in this way make sure that the mountain is loved and protected by generations to come.