Skiing is such a sport that you either love it or you don’t, but before you put yourself in one of these two groups, make sure that you are not guided by any of the stereotypes because it can cost you your enjoyment. You should definitely be well informed to avoid making bad decisions when preparing for your trip.

1. I don’t need conditioning, I can do it without exercise

Before going skiing, it would certainly be good to include some kind of physical activity in your everyday life so that the body is not exposed to stress. Also, if your body is not used to the increased activity, be sure to stretch before skiing to reduce the chance of injury. Also, it’s good to have a pain reliever and magnesium on hand to help reduce inflammation if it does occur.

2. It’s very cold when skiing and I have to wear as many layers as possible

Although the temperature on the thermometer usually shows below zero, instead of putting on several layers of inappropriate clothes, put on better quality pieces made of carefully selected materials. Real ski jackets, pants and shirts are made of slightly different materials, they are light, impermeable, and at the same time “breathable”. It won’t weigh you down, it won’t restrict your movement, and it will keep you warm just the way it should!

3. I don’t need a ski school, my friend/husband/wife will teach me

The absolute biggest misconception! The ski school is staffed by specially trained ski instructors who will more easily and expertly transfer their knowledge to you and lead you to your desired goal. In this case, it is not good to overestimate your abilities, or the abilities of a friend who presents himself as “almost a professional” because injuries can be serious.

4. Nothing will happen to me, I don’t need travel insurance

You have been going skiing for years, you are confident in your abilities and acquired knowledge, you consider yourself an expert and you are convinced that you do not need travel insurance. This is where people often go wrong.

Unfortunately, accidents happen often, when we least expect them, they happen to everyone, even the best. You can have the latest equipment, years of experience, perfect weather conditions, but sometimes even that is not enough. Injuries on the ski slopes are unpredictable and can be very serious.

The cost of medical treatment or ambulance transport could cost you more than the trip itself. Abroad, these costs are twice as high, so be sure to get travel insurance before departure and enjoy the joys of winter as carefree as possible.

5. Skiing is too expensive and I can’t afford it

Skiing is expensive, but like most situations in life, it’s a matter of priorities. Those who have spent at least once, even just a few days in the fresh air in the mountains, know that it is an unrepeatable experience that can hardly be recounted to anyone, writes

As always, locations, equipment and additional activities greatly affect the price, but if you’re shelling out more to go on vacation, simply admit that it’s a matter of priorities, not money.